VPU Congresses

For the further development and professionalisation of nursing at university hospitals and medical universities, the VPU organises congresses on current nursing-relevant and nursing-political topics every two years together with the network.

In November 2019, the 1st VPU Congress highlighted the opportunities, challenges and best practice models of higher education qualification in nursing. The congress took place over two days at the Charité in Berlin. More than 50 representatives from the health care sector, including Linda Aiken (USA), were able to participate in the exchange of knowledge and experience on this topic. Springer-Pflege was the media and cooperation partner of the congress. The congress offered an ideal exchange platform for about 400 participants from nursing management, direct patient care, nursing science and nursing education. With the first congress, the association showed international and national examples of the integration of nursing professionals with university qualifications as well as necessary development steps and potentials.

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Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, the 2nd VPU Congress focusing on change, innovation and further development of clinical nursing care was offered virtually over two weeks in November 2021. In eight 90-minute live webinars, 53 speakers from nursing practice, nursing management, nursing science, medicine and the health care industry presented current best practice examples and innovative future designs of the nursing profession. In addition to dealing with the experiences from the Covid 19 pandemic, the congress focused on the future design of higher education qualifications, digitalisation/robotics, ethics, innovative leadership models and the measurement of nursing staff requirements. In the international contribution by Howard Catton, Executive Director of the ICN, the innovation potential of nursing as active, relevant future shapers was underlined.

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